A Feast of Riches for Mom

I hope you are enjoying your Friday. As I type, the sun is shining beautifully through my living room window, the branches are swaying ever so slightly with a nice light breeze, and it is WARM! Really, for the first time this season, it is warm and sunny and lovely and we’re not being blown about by the strong spring breezes which usually abound. Ahhh… spring!

As I was contemplating what I might post, I thought I might share an entry I made into my Book of Mottoes (BoM) a couple of days ago. I had pulled out my notebook that I took to the Charlotte Mason Education National Conference last year. Yes, I am a bit tardy in getting my quotes into my BoM. I honestly set the notebook aside, which then was covered by a few other items, and out of sight out of mind applies here. At any rate, last year in June I attended the pre-conference immersion class, Mason and the Older Student, by Kerri Forney. Kerri is a wonderful, gracious person, and I gleaned so much from her class. I have several quotes that came from her class alone, but I have been thinking on this one quite a bit. I actually shared this in a Facebook group as well, but thought I would like to share it here as well.

People around us are drinking from the overflow of our life. If we find our strength in our flesh or in the world; we will have nothing to give of real use. If our source is Jesus, then the overflow of our life gives life by pointing to Him.

~ Kerri Forney

I’m sure some of you can relate to this. As a Christian home educator I need to go to The Source on a daily basis. But I also find that when I add in some of the beauty, the riches that God has provided for us in good literature, poetry, beautiful paintings, lovely musical compositions, and nature, that I am filled with those things that are good, right, and beautiful. My cup truly overflows then, and I have much more to give to my family as a whole, to my husband as his wife, and to my children as both their teacher and their mother. When I turn to see the beauty, wisdom, and truth in all these other areas, I am a more well rounded woman. What riches do you seek to fill you up?

From Nature Study in Elementary Schools on archive.org



Spring has finally arrived in full force in our little town. The robins are back and quarreling all the day long. The grass is returning to it’s soft cushion of lush greenness. The maples in the front yard are budding and blooming as they do. And, I just saw my first red-wing blackbird on Sunday. Ah. This last is the final sign that spring is really here despite temperature and gloomy coolness.

This time of year of fresh starts and new life blooming seems like a good time to let my own newness shine. Welcome to Common Riches! This is the place where I learn to share all things Charlotte Mason and Home Educating. The educational richness of this atmosphere, this life of learning, this pursuit of wisdom through words, cyphering, and study is the main focus. Occasionally, if I can screw my courage up enough, I might share a poem I’ve written as well as the ones we are reading in our little school.

I look forward to sharing our journey with you.